We are a tribe. We are a community. We are a family.

Our hope as individuals? To pave our paths and create ‘careers’ that don’t exist yet.

Our desire as a tribe? To be there through anything and absolutely everything.

Our intention for you? To spark ablaze so that you can ignite a new life path.

Together we are Trailblazers.


What we’ve created, with you in mind, is a completely transformative immersion experience for whatever personal transition you’re facing right now. Whether you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur for the very first time or have already made six-seven figures, it doesn’t matter. Because we all face highs and lows, struggles and celebrations and come up against our own personal blocks, walls and stuck moments. As they say, new level – new devil. We’re here to unstuck you. And implant the tools so you can continue to do it for yourself for years to come.

To provide you with epic clarity around who you are and how you want to feel in your life and in your business. We deeply understand the uncertainties and unknowns that go hand-in-hand with entrepreneurship and we’re here to fill up the tools in your toolbox.

To hold a space and container for massive transformation so you can see how unlimited your potential is when the walls and blocks don’t exist around you anymore. So you can stir up that craving that’s possibly been dormant for the impact you desire. So you can have better relationships, upleveled your health, and alignment in all areas of life.

So you can heal parts of you that you didn’t know were broken and play a much bigger game in your life and in your business. So you can travel, be location independent, move, break up, get engaged and provide a dynamic experience for those you’re meant to serve. And most importantly? So you can be the world-changer you know you are.

To create a lifelong community of close friends and fuel you with the type of tight-knit soul connections that keep you going long after a retreat is over. To provide you with a chance to forge relationships with future roommates, travel buddies, partners and real-deal family.


be the world-changer you know you are


Anything can show up and often it’s exactly what you need.

The entire retreat is anchored so that you can get the kind of deep shifts you’re needing but also the adventure, exploration, connection and tools you’re seeking as an entrepreneur.

The intention behind Trailblazer’s Retreat is rooted in our love for you. We desire to hold a safe space for you to kindle your ideas and abilities so they can not only smolder but be set ablaze. So a spark can be ignited. So a new path can be forged. So your dreams can be lit and set on fire to become reality.

This retreat is purposefully set up so that you can have the best of both worlds. So that you can deepen your spiritual or personal practice and learn the practical and applicable tools that are going to allow you to deliver an impactful service to the world as an entrepreneur or business owner.


Our intention and main focus is to ignite trailblazing entrepreneurs by building an unstoppable community, cultivating confidence, and giving you concrete action steps to implement immediately. Lynan, the Trailblazers Team and Workshop Leaders have a burning desire to support and uplift business owners, and those with side gigs that have big potential, to make massive change in their lives. This truly fuels all of us to wake up every morning and be of deep service.


Trailblazers is an immersion, detachment, presence-builder, healing space and a container for transition and transformation. It allows you to get out of your head and actually feel your body so you do the internal and external work in order to move in BIG ways as soon as possible. You’ll learn how to get vulnerable fast, heal and become grounded so you know how to facilitate your journey when resistance and blocks pop up to hold you back.

The first half of the week is all about hands-on transformational, and interactive, work as PLAY. We dive deeply into authentic connections and vulnerable sharing. We learn that there is power, strength and financial prosperity that exists when we find and connect with our truth and share what’s actually going on in our lives. No filters, and allowing honesty to be our guide. That’s where the fun lies too, in finding out what’s hiding beneath the surface. So you can completely get out of your head, and get comfortable and grounded in being in the present moment. To allow room for growth, expansion and acceptance to take place through yoga, breathwork and movement.

The second half of the week is where we start to incorporate a bit about business. We look at marketing and time management and there is content personally curated for you based on where you are in your own personal journey. Because of the deep transformational clearing that’s been done already, you’re now comfortable and present in your body. So you fully and openly receive the new tools that are presented to you in a totally different way without overanalyzing. And there’s no stone left unturned. We look and talk about business, play, sex with a holistic approach to it all.

By the end of our time together, the intention is that you’ll have experienced depth, clarity, transformation and community on such a high frequency that you can go into the world and make the impact you desire, move in big ways and be your unhindered, unapologetic, unencumbered self with a family that supports you every step of the way.

That’s why we end the retreat with sacred rituals, ceremonies and business coaching hot seats that bond us, and our experience, together. So you can witness the transformations and breakthroughs around you and have your own epic moments of confident clarity.

So you can fully embody the Trailblazer within, now and forever.


Trailblazer’s Retreat is created with you in mind down to the last detail

If you come with no expectations, your mind will be blown. You’ll fully receive what you’re meant to. You’ll hear what needs to be spoken. You’ll meet the right person to trigger, hold, hug or befriend you.


I am Lynan Saperstein, and I believe that trailblazing entrepreneurs can & will change the world.

By starting your own business or beginning this journey with a side gig, you are taking a stand. You are lighting up a new path that is not ‘normal.’ You are extraordinary and when I created Trailblazer’s Retreat, I had you in mind. Working with innovators, influencers and dreamers like you is why I am here. Everyday I have the pleasure and honor of coaching and strategizing for brilliant entrepreneurs around the world, with my baby The Big Factor.

I know how life-changing and powerful LIVE, in-person events really are. Just by sitting in the vortex that is created during a retreat taking a stand for your life, your life automatically transforms before your eyes.

Lynan is a master architect in holding space and igniting entrepreneurs into the CEO role of their businesses.

She deep dives with her clients so that they can open up to see how complete & ready they already are. Since being in alignment with your purpose and true Self gets your business on track effortlessly.

Her clients become the change they wish to see in the world.

That’s the heart and soul behind Trailblazer’s Retreat and why Lynan created an in-person immersion retreat experience based on the pillars of clarity, transformation and community.

She is also the founder and chief business strategist of The Big Factor Consulting. It’s where she best operates in her big vortex holding space and guiding trailblazing entrepreneurs the practical tools for global success so they can make the money they need to live a life they love.

To her core, Lynan believes in the power of expansion in all senses of the word.

She has a no BS policy and cuts through business jargon and personal blockages in order to get to the heart of your service. She also knows the human aspect of business and brings it to the forefront with everything she creates. She’s done exactly that with her passion project, Trailblazer’s Retreat.

Lynan wants to get you out of your comfort zone so she can show you that your dream life is waiting for you on the other side of your fear. She’s taught every Trailblazer that.

Now they are epic world changers creating massive shifts and transformations daily.